Remember last year when Urban Decay's "Naked" palette came out, and people were able to sell it on eBay for $80 because it was so popular? Yeah.

Well, now Urban Decay is at it again with the Naked 2 Palette. And this one is sure to be a huge success--let's just hope they don't run out so we can all get our hands on it!

I own the Naked palette myself, and from what I can see of the Naked 2 palette on is that it's a bit cooler than Naked, but altogether pretty similar...and it costs $50. This might be a bit much for some people, but if you really love greige and taupe, it might be your thing!

Naked 2 also has a dark, matte black shade called "blackout". Perfect for smokey eye looks--this seems like a fantastic palette for a cool-toned woman who felt Naked 1 was just too warm for her.

Personally, I won't be buying Naked 2 as I actually felt Naked 1 was perfect for my liking and I have warm undertones...but if you find you prefer gray to gold (having said that, there is a gold-ish shade in Naked 2), this is the palette for you!


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