The 3D Liner Look

==Pei Ton:==

===Bio/Stats: Name: Pei Ton/ペイトン


Born: October 22nd, 1998 in Southern Mongolia

Height: 5'10-6'0 (At least 177 CM)

Hair Colour: Brunette

Eye Colour: Hazel Green

Occupation: Model/Actress/Singer/Asian Talent/Student

Ethnicity: Mixed

Famous For: Pioneering the dark skinned ulzzang/uljjang look that is now becoming increasingly popular in Korea, rocking the 3D eyeliner look, and being gyaru without actually looking like a gyaru/ganguro girl, And simply being talented

Background and IndustryEdit

Pei Ton entered the modeling industry at age five, when she posed for children's catalogues and advertisements. She later expanded into the industry, featured in several pop magazines and tabloids, as well as becoming an "internet celebrity". Her work in the gyaru genre can be found here:ペイト

She became a popular uljjang, mainly noted for her 'natural' and 'possible' look, meaning no photoshop or complicated filtering. Pei Ton's uljjang look (uljjang is a Korean term meaning "best face" and refers to have large eyes and a slim face) is created solely by light contouring and highlighting of her other features. Pei Ton is also famous for being one of the few darker skinned uljjang, and paving the way for others to follow her.
Pei Ton was already an established Japanese idol (or Talent), who preformed regular shows of singing and dancing, when she debuted her 3D eyeliner effect. While Pei was not the first person to wear this look, she was the first notable person in Asian culture to do so, and wound up inspiring many others to follow suit.
Pei is also considered 'the gyaru that was not gyaru', meaning she did not emulate the gyaru (Japanese pop style) in the regular way, but was identified as a gyaru anyway. She is featured in several gyaru magazines and has her own gyaru wiki page dedicated solely to her for her efforts.

Pei is also a regular girl when it comes to daily life, and this seems to truly amaze people, seeing as she is a "celebrity" and is expected to behave a little differently.

Pei has not been appearing in media lately, due to management issues that forced her to leave her contract, and is now unrepresented. For more information, she is available on most social media under the username @officialpeiton

Rocking the haze mask during Singapore's 2013 haze with style

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