Uses of Shea Butter

It is mainly used in lip gloss, hair conditioners for dry hair, skin moisturizer creams & emulsions, manufacturing of soaps because it has plenty of unsaponifiables. It is the perfect solution for people with dry skin conditions as it alleviated the pain associated with itching and tightness.

At some places, it is used in/ as cooking oil, ingredient of organic broth, making of toilet paper, a waterproofing wax for hair, in candle making, to increase the durability of wood, dried calabash gourds and leather tuning straps and is one of the ingredients in some medicinal ointments.

Some people buy Shea Butter for Skin Lightening purposes. It is considered one of the softest ways to lighten the color of the skin. People apply Shea Butter on face at night to exphherience softer and brighter results in the morning.


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