Oily skin displays excess sebum production.

The pore sizes are larger than most other skin types. Its appearance is thick and shiny. This skin is more prone to breakouts and congestion; however, it is less likely to display fine lines and wrinkles.

Oily skin care involves more cleansing and exfoliating than other types. Due to excess oil production, it builds up along with other dead skin cells, causing breakouts. This same buildup can contribute to the skin's thick appareance.

Avoid over-cleasing, as this will strip the skin and make it unbalanced. The goal in the treatment is to balance the skin. When you strip the skin, your body's natural defense mechanisms will put oil production into overdrive in order to compensate, which makes the problem worse.

Proper exfoliation and water-based moisturization is key to home care, and professional treatments may also be necessary. Combined professional care and home care can produce beautiful visible results.

Important PointsEdit

  • Excess sebum
  • Characteristics: Large pores, thick-looking, shiny
  • Advantage: Less likely to show signs of age
  • Disadvantage: More likely to break out
  • Goal: Balance oil production (minimize without stripping skin)
  • Treatment: Cleansing and exfoliation, with appropriate products and treatments

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