How To Apply Nail Foils04:06

How To Apply Nail Foils

2013 collection

OMG Nail Strips 2013 Collection

OMG Nail Strips are one of the fastest growing names in the nail industry.  Sporting a huge line of nail wraps with a huge selection of colors and designs they have quickly become one of the best known names in nail strips.  Their competitive price and free international shipping policy has allowed them to compete with larger names like Sally Hansen and OPI.

OMG Nail Polish StripsEdit

OMG nail polish strips are the solution to smelly, streaking nail polish and expensive manicures. Our unique nail designs are quick and easy to apply and can last up to 10 days.  Our goal is to make the hottest styles of nail polish strips affordable enough for everyday wear.  We currently have over 40 designs and will be adding hundreds more in the near future. 

Easy Application on all Nail TypesEdit

Nail Strips OMG Nail Strips are made of a special material.  Unlike dry nail polish strips, they will not crack or or rip easily when applying and unlike nail stickers they don't create wrinkles and creases because they stretch to cover the entire nail surface. The special formula use to create omg nail strips makes them perfect for all types of nails including short nails and acrylics. 

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