Normal Skin Type


Normal skin is considered the "perfect skin type". Ironically, yet unsurprisingly, this is the least common skin type.

Normal skin has a good oil-water balance. It contains sufficient moisture and sebum production. Generally, this skin displays little to no breakouts or clogged pores, and pore size ranges from small to medium. This skin type can fluctuate a little more oily or dry, especially depending on season, but overall it is a very balanced complexion.

The goal with the skin type is nothing corrective, but maintenance and prevention.

Important PointsEdit

  • Balanced sebum production and moisture content
  • Characteristics: Small/medium pores, smooth and even
  • Advantage: Easiest to care for
  • Disadvantage: May have to adjust regimens to adapt to slight fluctuations
  • Goal: Maintain and prevent problems
  • Treatment: Proper home care routine

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