This is a compilation of tips on how to make your eyes pop.

Eye ColorEdit

For big blue eyes: Purple eyeshadow brings out the color, metalics look good too. Blue mascara is an interesting way to make your eyes pop.

For brown eyes: There is no complementary color for brown on the color wheel so most colors work. Green eyeshadow works well. If you have light brown eyes avoid black eyeliner, it darkens your eyes. Metalics are a fun twist.

For green eyes: Purple is a good idea for green eyes. Avoid silver shades, earth tones are the better way to go. Skip black eyeliner, browns are the better way to go. If you have to use black go for charcoal not true black.

Other TipsEdit

  • if you use White eyeliner on your lower lash line, it really opens your eyes up.
  • Smokey eyes are a great eye catcher, and there isn't just black smokey eyes, there is also brown and jewel tones.
  • Highlight the eyebrow bone and inner corners.
  • Use a nude lipstick so that the focus is on you eyes.
  • Use a concealer one shade lighter under your eyes 

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