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Kiss You is a very popular Benefit Lipgloss.It is a gorgeous lilac shade for lips.

Celebrity FansEdit

Leighton Meeser loves Benefit Lipglosses.


Before 2009, Benefit's Kiss You was previously named Kiss Me.

A long time ago,Benefit created a lipgloss collection called The Gloss.The shade "Kiss You" was first featured in this collection.

The lipgloss became very popular,but the shade was not included in the new lipgloss collection;Her Glossiness. However,in the Her Glossiness Christmas Set 2007,the shade "Kiss You" was included.

Benefit then decided to update their old formula for lipglosses so they called thier new collection;Lip Gloss.Some old favourites also came back with "Kiss You".

"Kiss You" kept returning to a lot of Christmas lipgloss sets (throughout the time it was discontinued).The shade was included in: Her Glossiness,Peace,Love and Glossiness, Glitz,Glam,Gloss,All You Need Is Gloss and Ticket To Glossytown.

Finally,Benefit updated thier old lipgloss brushes with new smooth ones.They called this collection;Ultra Shines. "Kiss You" has recently been added to the collection.

When the Ultra Shines were discontinued, Benefit included the Kiss You shade in the new Ultra Plush collection.

How to ApplyEdit

  1. Open your lipgloss so it is ready for usage.
  2. Apply Posietint to lips and cheeks.
  3. Glide "Kiss You" on top.
  4. Now pout to perfection.



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