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Your facial beauty increases if you have soft, smooth and pinkish lips to highlight your beauty. Even your simple smile will make many hearts to beat fast. Is this really true when your lips are dry, are chapped and lack softness? The answer is NO. So lip care is very much essential.

Many of you may question How to get rid of dry lips? The answer starts from home care and ends in choosing the right lip cosmetic and plumper.

Why Lip care is essential?

Lip care is essential to beautify the lips. It is the desire of every woman. Men too want that their partner to have that beautiful lips to kiss. Thus Lip care is essential to prevent them from losing moisture and for making them soft and smooth.

Role of diet and fibers for beautiful lips Diet plays an important role not only in maintaining healthy body weight but it also makes your lip beautiful. Include some foods which are high in fiber such as Corn, cabbage, barriers, avocado, etc. for having beautiful lips. These fiber foods help lips to maintain its moisture level so that it does not get dried up or get chapped. Stop eating unhealthy junk food, because it only affects your health but also your lips.

Include food rich in Vitamin C such as Guavas, orange, papaya, etc. for making lip smooth and pinkish in color. The reason to include Vitamin C is that the lack of vitamin C causes lips to crack and become dry.

The last thing which is always said is to drink a lot of water for staying hydrated. Thus lips too need water to remain hydrated. Along with that certain recommendation is to stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking, and stop having excess use of tea and coffee; because all these are the factors that cause the lips to lose shine and good health.

Home treatment for taking care of lips:

Two of the best home treatment for taking care of lip is the use of Honey and Rose Water mixture and the second one is the use of Butter.

Honey and Rose Water mixture:

Take a bowl, drop a few drops of honey into it. Then mix it with a few drops of rose water into it. Stir it with a finger. The viscosity and stickiness of honey is decreased by the rose water. So this mixture can be applied twice daily. It will give pinkish color to your lips.

Butter Butter is an oily and greasy component which improves and softens the lip texture. Apply daily before going to bed and wash it with water in the morning without using any kind of soap.

How lip plumper acts on the lip?

Now-a-day lips plumper are having a field day in the market, due to increased demand. They act as enhancers to give beauty to your lips. They make lips smooth and making lips to appear fuller and younger. These lips plumper is said to give you very sexy lips. One thing to be specially mentioned over here is that some lip plumper’s can potentially cause dryness and scaling. So always choose the best lip plumper!!

Tips for selecting Lips cosmetics:

If you want that your lips don’t get dried and look scaly you must be conscious about the cosmetic you are using. A few tips that must be considered are: 1. Apply the cosmetic or the lipstick which is light in color; don’t always try to match with the attire you are wearing. 2. Always wash your lip make-up before you go to sleep. 3. Use moisturizer after you remove your lipstick. 4. Use soft cloths to remove your lipstick. 5. Try to exfoliate lips with a toothbrush; very lightly rubbing your toothbrush on your lips after you had done with brushing your teeth in the morning.

Follow the above tips so that you can get rid of dry lips and make them beautiful and sexy.

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