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Have you wondered when you try to wear mineral eye shadow on eyes, it doesn’t last long at all and in an hour or so becomes all creased and oily? Bright colours are great but sometimes you just don’t have the technique to get more creative with eye makeup without it ending up looking horrible by the afternoon.


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The answer is all in the technique.  Moisturiser is important however almost everybody applies to their eye area as well! Unless you are using a specific eye cream, you must avoid applying regular moisturiser to your eye area. Eye lids are naturally very oily as it is, so applying any other form of moisture are not necessary and will only promote mineral eye shadow creasing during the day.

Another way to help your mineral eye shadow last longer is to apply foundation and powder on your lids before applying your shadow. This ensures durability and ease in applying.  Always use a cream based mineral foundation and follow with a mineral powder.  It will set the eyes and form a base for the mineral eye shadow to hold.  Follow with mineral eye shadows in whatever your colour choice.

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