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Avoid the clumpy, thick mascara look by applying it correctly with these easy steps.

What You Need!Edit

  • Eye Lash Curlers
  • Mascara

How To Apply!Edit

  1. Curl your eyelashes before applying mascara.
  2. Use less mascara on the lower lashes then on top lashes. Or skip the mascara on lower lashes for a more casual look.
  3. After you've coated lashes with mascara, add just one more layer to the outer corners. The extra coat will make your lashes look especially long and make your eyes appear farther apart.


  • If your mascara smells funny or is more than six months old, it’s time to toss it.
  • Never, ever pump the wand - this adds air to the mascara container, which will only make your mascara dry out faster.

Colored MascaraEdit

Black Brown + BrownEdit

These colors help to add warmth while still pumping up the drama. Use these shades during the day for a more casual look. They also pair well with warm eyeshadow colors, like plums, golds and olives.

Black + Glossy BlackEdit

When you want maximum drama, stick to black shades. Glossy Black makes lashes look long and healthy-looking. They are great for night time and pair well with most eyeshadow colors. Don't forget to lash-curl for even more intensity.

Blue + PurpleEdit

These colors add intensity to the eyes and are perfect for a bright pop of color, especially when if your eyeshadow looks very natural. 


Use clear when you're looking for definition but want your natural color to shine through. Clear gives you a boost of pretty without feeling "made-up". It also doubles as a brow-taming gel!