Flower Lip Products

Flower Beauty has a lot of many fabulous lip products in their makeup range.


Kiss Stick Velvet Lip ColorEdit

Kiss Stick Velvet Lip Color
Kiss Stick Velvet Lip Color is a lipstick that has a velvety texture. The ingredients are emollient oils that helps provide a more creamier and rich application. It also provides a long wearing pure color to the lips. The shades are:
  • LS1: Set Me Freesia
  • LS2: Petal Kiss
  • LS3: Tender Tuberose
  • LS4: Chocolate Lily
  • LS5: Dahlia Darling
  • LS6: Camelia Charm
  • LS7: So Gladiola
  • LS8: Get To The Poinsetti
  • LS9: Flamingo Flower

Kiss Stick High-Shine Lip ColorEdit

Kiss Stick High Shine Lip Color

Kiss Stick High-Shine Lip Color is a lipstick. It contains emollient oils that improve shine for a richer and creamier application. The lipstick provides a pure, intense color payoff with extreme shine. The shades are:

  • LS10: Nude Narcissus
  • LS11: Morning Glory
  • LS12: Sweet Peony
  • LS13: Ginger Lilly
  • LS14: Coral Floret
  • LS15: Tulips 2 Kiss You!
  • LS16: Petunia Petals
  • LS17: Rose Bud
  • LS18: Black Rose

Lip BalmEdit

Lip ServiceEdit

Lip Service

Lip Service is a lush lip butter. It has a butter-like texture that glides on easily leaving lips looking smooth and full. The rich texture provides an optical plumping effect. The high percentage of emollient oil helps achieve a super smooth and shiny finish. It is also non tacky and has superior shine. The shades are:

  • LB1: Petal To The Metal
  • LB2: Tempting Tulip
  • LB3: Rose-y Future
  • LB4: Princess & The Peony
  • LB5: Haute Honeysuckle
  • LB6: Mauve Mimosa
  • LB7: Sheer Snapdragon
  • LB8: Cherry Chiffon
  • LB9: Wispy Wisteria

Lip GlossEdit

Shine OnEdit

Shine On! Lip Gloss

Shine On is a lipgloss. It is creamy, rich and smooth in texture so it glides easily onto the lips. It feels like "pillow-like softness" for lips. It has medium to buildable coverage. There are ten shades called:

  • LG1: What a Dai-sy!
  • LG2: Baby's Breath
  • LG3: Lovely Lotus
  • LG4: Iris I Could Fly
  • LG5: Hibis-kiss
  • LG6: Pretty-in-petunia
  • LG7: My Little Buttercup
  • LG8: Come What Mayflower
  • LG9: Zen Zennina
  • LG10: In The Gardenia

Lip TintEdit

Sheer UpEdit

Sheer Up! Lip Tint

Sheer Up acts as 4 products in one. It is a tint, a pampering balm, a sheer pigment lipstick and a high shine gloss. It comes in 5 different shades which are called: 

  • LC1: Bare Blush
  • LC2: Dewy Rose
  • LC3: Sheer Blossom
  • LC4: Lacy Laurel
  • LC5: Airy Orchid.


Line & ShineEdit

Line & Shine

Line & Shine is a lip liner that is also long lasting, water-resistant and smudge-proof. It has a vinyl film that allows fluid application. It provides a rich, creamy color that is easy to apply. It prevents lipstick from bleeding and feathering and can be worn without lipstick also. It is long wearing too. This product comes in five different shades:

  • LP1: Nude
  • LP2: Toffee
  • LP3: Rose
  • LP4: Cherry Red
  • LP5: Plum

Petite FleursEdit

Petite Fleurs

Petite Fleurs are small pocket triplets lipsticks. They are creamy in texture and pocket friendly size so it's perfect for beauty mavens on the go. If you want to change the colour remove the top shade then slide it under the bottom shade. Then push up until the new shade is visible. There are 4 shades to collect that are called:

  • PF4: Cool
  • PF5: Warm
  • PF6: Combo
  • PF7: Neutral


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