All you need to KNOW about EYESHADOWS:Edit

There are two types of eyeshadows:

Matte: Simple and sophisticated, matte shadows can define and enhance your natural eye color. Use a deep brown matte shadow in the crease of the eye to create a sculpted eye look that pops.

Shimmer: Shimmers reflect light and instantly brighten the eye. Select a neutral shade for a simple day look or pump up the nighttime drama with a brighter shimmering shade.


For best shadow effects, rely on the pro's tools. Use a Sponge Applicator tip for precision in targeting creases and lash line.

Use an Eyeshadow Brush for a soft wash of color all over lid.

Color Selections:Edit

Matching your eyeshadow to your eye color sounds like a good idea, but it doesn't work like you’d think. Eye color can get lost and muted when put next to a similar shade. Go for contrast instead.

• Dark eyes look good in grays, blues, purples, and greens.

• Light eyes look good in brown, taupe, and bronze shades

• Shimmering hues of white, pearl, or pale pink deflect the appearance of darkness around eyes. Brushing a sheer pastel, such as pink, lavender, or baby blue, across lids has a similar brightening effect.

Eyeshadow Tricks:Edit

  • Just Add Water
    • Wet your applicator tip and dip in your shadow shade—this will create a darker, more dramatic shadow effect.
  • Pro Tip: Apply dry shadow to lid. Then, wet applicator, dip in same color, and draw a line close to upper lash line. You'll get a subtle contrast of shading that'll make you a standout.
  • For Day:
Smooth a medium Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadow on your eye lid from lash line up to eye crease. Blend deeper shade into crease and slightly above it.
  • For Evening:
Line eyes close to lash line with a Perfect Blend Pencil in a dark, dramatic shade. Sweep a light Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadow from base of lashes to brow bone. Apply a deeper shade in eye creases and blend.
  • To prevent eye shadow from creasing, pat concealer or foundation on the lids, dust with translucent powder, then brush on a powder formula, like our Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadows.