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Follow These Neat Tips:Edit

Smooth Definition to Last and Last:

After tracing your upper lid with liquid liner, set it with a powder shadow in the same color family—just push the shadow into the liner with a short, stiff brush.

Tips to Soften your Eyes:

Be A Softie
Apply shadow over your pencil line to create a softer effect.

Let the Good Times Roll
Soften pencil by rolling its tip between your thumb and forefinger for a few seconds. This will allow you to create a softer line and help eliminate tugging on the eye area.

Lighten Up
Dark, thick lines under the eye weigh down your eyes. Try a softer, lighter color. For example, if you use brown on top, try taupe on the bottom.

Smudge it Up:

Blending your eye pencil line up on your lid creates mesmer-eyes-ing looks. It can:
• Soften your look.
• Add drama, especially with darker shades, creating smoky effects.
• Create eye shadow effects, cutting down your make-up routine time.
(Perfect Blend Pencil, with its blender tip, is made to smudge and blend effortlessly.)

Pencil vs Liquid:

Pencil: CoverGirl pencils are among the most versatile liners, and can go on thick or thin on your top and bottom lash lines.

Liquid Liner: Usually used along the top lash line, liquid creates a more intense color than pencil. Wear with blackest mascara, matte face powder, and red lips for a classic look.

Highlight your Eyes!

Follow these color cues to make your eyes magnets for attention:

For Blue Eyes: Baby blues are best accented by brown or navy liner. Charcoal or grey shades are nice for a bit of drama.

For Brown Eyes: Dark brown or cocoa-colored liners add depth.

For Green Eyes: Try a light brown, or even a camel-colored liner to bring out their intensity.

Affects of Thick liner:

For a natural look: A thin line along the top lash line brings out your eyes and gives them natural definition.

For a dramatic effect: A slightly thicker line that's smudged gives a more dramatic look. But don't go too heavy or let the top and bottom lines meet at outer corners—this will make eyes look smaller.

CoverGirl Eyeliner & Pencil Tips