Skin Types

Top 5 Tips to have young looking skin for all type of skins.Edit

1. Avoid sun exposure to your skin

2. Smoking and Alchohol: Stop

3. Clean your skin before you go to bed

4.Get quality sleep

5.Use the best possible smooth way to shave.

6. If you have bumpy/dry skin, EXFOLIATE.

7. Shea butter is a type of fat extracted from the nut of African Shea Trees. It is off-white or ivory-colored triglyceride (fat) which is derived from stearic and oleic acid. It is mainly used in cosmetic products as a moisturizer, lotion or salve.

Following above can really make a difference in our skin, which can be noticed. Skin needs to be maintaned continously on a daily basis. By having a continous routines and taking skin care products you can always put your best skin forward.

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