Box O Powders are a collection of blushers and bronzers by Benefit Cosmetics.

Celebrity FansEdit

Hoola Bronzer is loved by Kylie Minouge and Kristin Davis.



Benefit 10

10 is a discontinued blusher and bronzer. The pink highlight shade is like a powder version of High Beam and the bronzer is like a more shimmery version of Hoola. Perfectly highlights and contours to give an illusion of super model cheekbones. This is the only Box O Powder to come with a mini step by step tutorial on how to contour. It also came with a pop up mirror and improved brush before it got discontinued. 

Bella BambaEdit

Bella Bamba Icon
Bella Bamba is a watermelon pink blusher that was released in 2011. The word "Bella Bamba" means "Pretty Dancer" on Italian. It was the first Box O Powder to come with a pop up mirror and improved purple blusher brush. The pretty colour has gold undertones that help amplify the cheekbones. It is also has 3d brightening technology that creates the illusion of sculpted cheeks."It takes eye popping pretty to the third dimension". Bella Bamba also has a matching Ultra Plush Lipgloss.



Coralista was originally called "Rio" and then Benefit decided to change the name but they still kept it in their mini description about the product ("a rio pleasure"). This blush is a tropical inspired coral pink that warms up the cheeks. It cheers up any skin tone as it is very versitaille and gives you a tropical flush. This blush is included in a kit called "Go Tropi-Coral" and "Her Name Was Glowla". Coralista comes with a matching Ultra Plush Lipgloss.


Dandelion Benefit Blush

Dandelion was introduced in 2003. It's a ballerina pink powder that has a subtle shimmer that takes your complexion from dull to gorgeous in an instant! It works as a fabulous finishing powder as well. The blush comes with a pop up mirror and natural bristle brush. It is included in the set "Feelin' Dandy", "Powder Pop" and in the Sephora freebie set: "Dandelion Wishes". Dandelion also comes with a matching Ultra Plush Lipgloss.


Georgia Benefit

Georgia is a discontinued blush. This peaches and cream powder is very natural looking on the face and gives your cheeks a warm and happy glow. The sheer peach shade looks beautfiul on all skin colours and the delicate peach scent will leave you radiating sunshine! Georgia is one of the two blushes that don't come with pop up mirrors but it stills comes with a brush. Georgia has been included in the discontinued "Gorgeous Georgia" set.


Hervana Benefit

Hervana was introduced in 2011. Swirl on good karma with this face powder. It has 4 shades that are: lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose and berry delight that blend together perfectly for an gorgeous angelic glow. Hervana comes with the pop up mirror and specially designed brush. This blush has been included in the set "Primed to Takeoff" Hervana currently doesn't have a matching Ultra Plush Lipgloss.


Sugarbomb Benefit

Sugarbomb is the No.1 Selling Blush in the Uk! Swirl the 4 shimmery shades of: peach, pink, plum and rose together for a "sugar rush flush" without the calories. It's a sweet rush of gorgeous! It is simillar to Hervana, as it also includes 4 shades. This blush comes included in the "Sugarlicous" set. It comes with the pop up mirror and brush. Sugarbomb also has a matching Ultra Plush Lipgloss.


Thrrrob Benefit

Thrrrob is a discontinued blush that is similar to Dandelion but it is more shimmery. This cool pink powder creates a flirty flush that you get when your heart races. This shade makes every pulse race and is a turn on both day and night. It comes with a soft blusher brush.The packaging is a picture of a light pink corset. Thrrrob is available to purchase in a online exclusive set called "Double the Powder" and Hoola is also available in the set.

Bronzers Edit


Dallas Benefit

Dallas is a dusty rose blush. It gives you a natural-looking glow that will leave you looking younger and healthier. It is more darker than Hoola but still gives you a vibrant, sheer wash of color that can be dusted onto the cheeks, forehead and chin to give a radiant look. It comes with a pop up mirror and cheek brush.Dallas has been featured in the "Powderazzi" set. Dallas also has a matching Ultra Plush Lipgloss.



Hoola was released in 2001 and has been a cult favorite ever since. It's legendary formula provides a healthy looking tan with no shimmer and is the Uk's No1 Selling Bronzer. The bronzer comes with the pop up mirror and natural bristle brush. Hoola has been featured in many kits including "Bronze of Champions", "Cabana Glama", "Powder Pop" and "Powder Wowza".



Rockateur is the latest Box O Powder. It is a gorgeous rose gold shade that has special word carving of the word "Rock". This is the only blusher to feature the new prisma technology which provides a more universal look for all skin tones. It gives a famously provactive flush that turns heads. The box is accented in luxe gold and comes with a pop up mirror and dimensional brush to help create that show-stopping look.

Gallery Edit

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