Every cosmetic brand is developing a cream and a lotion which is applied to brighten the color of the skin and make it artificially white. These creams form a layer on the skin, making it whiter than before.

People tend to believe that the whiter the skin, the prettier the person is. This belief has led to the high demand of skin whitening or Skin Lightening Products .

Skin products have multiple benefits on the skin like improving the quality and beauty of the skin. It revamps the skin texture, skin color, cures spots and acnes et-cetera. The color of the skin is a largely debatable subject because it is often misconceived as a measurement of beauty.

Beauty in itself is a subjective thing and depends on the viewer’s perspective, upbringing and surroundings et-cetera. So everything about beauty can be called subjective, still a popular belief explains the need to have a white skin tone in order to be perceived as beautiful.

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