If you feel run down or exhausted, using aromatherapy is a powerful way to rejuvenate your body.

Benefits of aromatherapyEdit

Essential oils can boost your immune system’s ability to fight off infections, stimulate lymphatic drainage and other antibacterial properties.

Every essential oil has its own unique properties. Lemongrass is great for the lymphatic system and can help regenerate connective tissue. Lime has natural cancer fighting properties and helps you de-stress, while cedarwood essential oil has tonic and sedative properties.

How to use aromatherapyEdit

The most relaxing and rejuvenating way to use aromatherapy is adding essential oils to a hot bath.

Add just seven drops of pure essential oil to your bath. Be sure to find a high quality, pure essential oils to take advantage of their benefits.

Make the experience complete with soft music and candles. You’ll feel the benefits immediately.

More informationEdit

For more information on how to care for your skin and body, check out the other beauty tips at

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